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Best Practice Case Studies

Lysaght Geelong Achieves Eight Years LTI Free

Sunshine Service Centre Achieves New LTI Free Record

Sabah Achieves 11 Years LTI Free

Asia Wins BlueScope Steel Safety Awards

Two Years LTI Free for Port Kembla Warehousing

LTI Free Roundup

Lysaght Geelong Achieves Eight Years LTI Free

BlueScope Lysaght's Geelong site achieved eight years without an LTI in 2003/04 and continues to operate in a safe manner.

This LTI success is based on a strong environment of auditing, incident reporting and open feedback between shopfloor and management, which has resulted in no serious injury since 1995.

Due to the great contribution and effort of all employees, Geelong has been able to achieve this result during a time of major growth for the business, and the turn over of a number of staff.

Sunshine Service Centre Achieves New LTI Free Record

On 14 July 2003, BlueScope Steel Australian Building & Manufacturing Market's Sunshine Service Centre in Victoria reached the significant safety milestone of 1000 days LTI free. This surpassed the site's previous best record of 917 days LTI free.

The site celebrated the occasion with a barbeque. All employees were presented with a gift bag containing a customised shirt and beanie. They also received a personal letter thanking them for their support and commitment to the Zero Harm drive at Sunshine.

Sunshine Service Centre's milestone was achieved through three key areas of focus: plant, systems and people. The plant was upgraded to reduce interactions with moving equipment via safe access and to reduce manual handling. Systems have also been improved, focusing on doing the basics exceptionally well, including auditing, incident management and hazard identification.

People have been the key to Sunshine's success to date. Without an engaged workforce supporting the Zero Harm drive this result would not have been possible.

Although proud of their achievement, Sunshine employees realise the challenge is to maintain their focus. While it is important to maintain current performance, Sunshine must continue on the journey to Zero Harm. Their next step is to reduce medically treated injuries just as has been done with lost time injuries.

Sabah Achieves 11 Years LTI Free

BlueScope Lysaght Sabah achieved 11 years LTI free on 9 July 2004.

A modest celebration was held with employees and contractors gathering at their very own BlueCafe during the lunch hour.

President Roger Tan gave a short speech thanking everyone for their efforts and contributions in making the site a safer workplace.

To achieve this milestone every employee has been required to continuously seek and introduce new safety improvements while maintaining their efforts and contributions towards safety.

Asia Wins BlueScope Steel Safety Awards

Congratulations were in order for BlueScope Steel Thailand and Indonesia for winning the annual overall BlueScope Steel Safety Awards presented in December 2003.

The awards are a result of the dedication shown by team members in making each location a safe work place.

BlueScope Steel's Asian businesses have been recognised as safety leaders within the Company and all employees have been commended for their success. The success occurs because each worker cares about their own safety but also that of fellow workmates.

The Most Improved Award went to Indonesia. The award recognised all the hard work and care of the Indonesian team over the past 12 months.

The Best Safety Performance Award went to Thailand. The Thailand businesses have a tremendous track record of safety performance that reflects the effort of every one over the last seven LTI free years at BlueScope Steel Thailand and four LTI free years at BlueScope Lysaght Thailand.

Two Years LTI Free for Port Kembla Warehousing

BlueScope Steel Market & Logistic Solutions' Port Kembla Warehousing achieved a safety milestone of two years LTI free on 27 July, 2003.

Port Kembla Warehousing are very proud of this achievement. The result is even more significant as it was achieved through a period of significant workplace reform in the business. The ability to remain focused on maintaining safety standards was crucial.

Some of the activities that helped the Port Kembla team achieve this result were:

The team celebrated their achievement with a barbecue and acknowledged that future success and personal safety relies on everyone maintaining this great effort. This achievement further reinforces the belief that incidents and injuries in the workplace and at home can be prevented.

LTI Free Roundup

Many BlueScope Steel sites and contracted firms around the world have celebrated Lost Time Injury free milestones and achievements, often crediting the efforts of employees as the major factor in reducing workplace incidents.

The Company's success in achieving these results was guided by its Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) policy.

The BlueScope Steel Bond says that 'We work in a safe and satisfying environment' and 'Our strength is in choosing to do what is right'. The achievement of LTI free milestones indicates that employees have lived up to these ideals. Success has resulted from a relentless commitment from all employees to achieve the goal of Zero Harm and by reinforcing the safety philosophy that all injuries are preventable.

LTI free achievements internationally include:

LTI free achievements in Australia include:

Lysaght Geelong Achieves Eight Years LTI Free

Lysaght Geelong Achieves Eight Years LTI Free.

Best Practice Case Studies Sunshine Service Centre employees celebrate achieving 1000 days LTI free

Sunshine Service Centre employees celebrate achieving 1000 days LTI free.